Track record

Examples of assignments and work done:

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

  • Development and implementation of a PMEL-framework for Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Setting up a variety of activities that contribute to development of skills on Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for RNW staff and the positioning of expertise on (online) data collection, analysis and use in- and externally (2015-2016)
  • Preparation of the final report of the Connect4Change (C4C) Alliance – Preparation of the final annual report and the analytical report (lessons learned) of C4Cs 5-year programme under MFS2 (supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), based on desk-study and sessions with staff members. (2015)
  • Evaluation of the BOKS project – Evaluation by means of surveys and interviews with stakeholders on the outcomes and lessons learned of the project in Suriname, that focusses on having young Surinamese participate in the political debate. (2015)
  • Preparation of the 2015 Midterm review of Radio Netherlands Worldwide: workshops for RNW staff on evaluation tools and developing case studies for the  Midterm evaluation
  • Evaluation of a pilot project for Mensen met een Missie (2014)- the evaluation (data collection through online questionnaires, interviews and a focus group) looked into the costs and benefits of a strategic new project for Mensen met een Missie.
  • Evaluation of the effects of the introduction of interactive ICT tools in the classroom for IICD, research into the key success factors for such an introduction at rural schools in Kenya (2014)
  • Qualitative and quantitative data-analysis (2005-2010) for IICD and providing training on data analysis to partners in 8 countries (Africa and Latin-America), developing ‘Learning Reports’, recommendations, strategic plans, study reports, annual reports and presentations based on the analyses.
  • Developed online questionnaires (2005-2010) for IICD on capacity development, end user satisfaction, outcomes and impact of Education, Entrepreneurship, (Community) Health, Youth Empowerment, Information and Communication programmes
  • Development of methodologies for (training on) data collection (online and face-to-face), facilitation of Focus Groups of end users and project teams and for using evaluation data for learning in organisations (2005-2010) for IICD.

Strategic and programme management

  • Advise and support at Love Matters (RNW) – supporting the Love Matters programme (a programme aimed at access to information on sexual health, rights and pleasure for youth in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East) in the preparation of fundraising proposals and evaluation reports to donors. (2015)
  • Advise Strategic Partnership Lobbying and Advocacy (2014) for a new alliance of iNGOs in the Netherlands, focused on Peace Building and Governance. Development of Track Record and Theory of Change for the funding proposal to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, advising the Management Team on the process of partnership building.
  • Facilitation of a needs analysis workshop in Kenya (2013), for Dance4Life : development of appropriate ICT solutions for about 30 partners (project staff) working in Youth Empowerment and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.
  • Facilitation of Round Table Workshops in Kenya (2011), for IICD: envisioning the challenges and opportunities in the Education and Agriculture sectors in Kenya – development of project proposals on ICT4Education and ICT4Agriculture for 12 project partners.
  • Proposal writing and advice on programme on media, democratization and good governance in Ecuador (2009), for IICD.

Writing: Publications, position papers, research projects

  • Position paper “ICT in the classroom” (2014), a study on lessons learned and case studies aimed at donors, partners and practitioners. – Freelance assignment for IICD (International Institute for Communication and Development) (2014) – To download PDF click here.
  • Youth, ICTs and Agriculture (2013) – Impact study into young farmers, their use of ICT tools and their involvement in local producer organisations for IICD. Research questions: Are young people more likely to stay in agriculture as a result of ICT tools and what effect do the ICT tools have on their work and life. The study lead to a publication, presentations at international conferences and an important new strategic direction for the organisation. To download PDF click here.
  • Series of interviews with ICT entrepreneurs from Africa and Latin America (2013/2014) for a publication on private sector development for IICD.
  • Position papers and contributions to the election programme (2012) on International Development and opposing Dutch government budget cuts in development aid for the Dutch social liberal party (D66)