Who? After a degree in Innovation management from the Delft University of Technology I have worked in International Development and developing countries for over 10 years: Working with different stakeholders on the integration of ICT and other technologies in developing contexts and in the evaluation of development projects, working on broad-ranging themes such as Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, (Local) Governance, Democratization and Education.

Besides my work in International Development, I am a member of the Municipal Council in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, where I focus on youth, healthcare, civil society, care for vulnerable groups like asylum seekers, homeless and undocumented people and on integration and participation of minorities. I have always enjoyed politics and am currently seeing the impact of local governance on a day-to-day basis.

What links my two career paths is my belief that in the largest, most sustainable change comes from the citizens, teachers, students or professionals that it involves.

Profile – For most of my professional life, I have been a linking-pin: bringing very different people together for a common goal. I have a keen eye for political and organizational processes and know how to get the right people on board to make things happen. I’ve been the chair of the social-liberal platform for International Development and know the Dutch, and international, development world well.

I enjoy working on complicated issues, whether they are policies in my municipality or the impact of international development, and am capable of explaining the nuances and challenges to others. I take issues seriously, but enjoy my work and find the best way to break the ice is a little humour.

Why? – I do what I do because wasted potential bugs me. I think there is huge potential in professionals and citizens in all parts of the world and I have seen what happens when you unleash their potential. Not just for them, but also for the people surrounding them: what they can offer their communities and organizations.

Because I believe that access to the right information for making meaningful decisions, the possibility to share knowledge and experiences with others, giving people the opportunity and tools to shape their life the way they choose and a bit of inspiration can be the little push needed to do just that.

Because I believe that big change takes time, but little changes happen all the time, single steps at a timeā€¦.

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