Strategic management

Strategic and programme management

Temporary management of one of your existing programmes, a kick-off of a new one, bringing together different parties for a common programme or someone to advice you on strategic decisions regarding your project portfolio – all moments where an independent outsider-view may be of great help.

A Single Step offers advice for the development of new projects and proposals, facilitates new and existing partnerships and gets people to work towards joint results.

Specific areas of interest are the use of ICT in a development context, (local) governance & democratization, voice & participation, sexual reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), but A Single Step also has experience in programmes related to education, gender, youth and agriculture.

 Toolbox – examples of services:

  • Working with teams to prepare a Theory of Change or Intervention logic for your programme or organisation.
  • Development of proposals for new programmes or partnerships.
  • Advice on project portfolios – discussing your portfolios from a content and strategic perspective.
  • Facilitation of programme kick-off workshops – bringing together relevant stakeholders for a common goal.
  • Facilitation of needs-assessment workshops related to the use of ICT tools in a development context workshops for decision makers, staff, end users and/or other stakeholders.

For more information about A Single Step’s track record regarding strategic and programme management, please look here


Over the years, I have had to take many strategic or programmatic decisions myself regarding the projects I managed. Now that I work at some distance for daily programme management I find this decision making process all the more interesting: how do we get the right people on board (and how to we keep them on board)? Why do we invest in this programme and not another? Do we envision the same result in the end?

Though I am captivated by the people and the process, my main drive remains the content and results of the programmes I work for. I love innovations from the bottom up, people working towards a world where people can be who they want to be or say what they want to say and the little steps towards more democracy and a better working (local) government.