M&E Advice

Advice on – and execution of – Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

With an ever-increasing focus on evaluation and accountability, it is easy to forget why we keep track of our programmes and services in the first place: to see what really happens on the ground, in order to improve what we do. Whether you are a social venture seeking to know its social impact, a municipality seeking ways to really know the effect of local policies or an NGO struggling with a meaningful way to report to donors ánd leaning for future interventions – A Single Step has the experience to support you.

A Single Step offers advice on how to organise for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning with a focus on practical, on-the-ground results that project staff, businesses and donors can discuss, learn from and use to improve what they do.

Single Step aims to look behind the data and the methodologies, working with the implementers, decision makers and the evaluation staff if needed. Because the only way evaluation makes a change, is if the people working with it see the value of the process and the data.

Toolbox  examples of services:

  • Advice on the best way to introduce or improve monitoring and evaluation in your organisation, with your staff or partners – how to plan for outcomes, impact and social change and how to learn from evaluation results.
  • Execution of independent evaluations of (international) projects, looking into direct results (outputs), effects (outcomes and impact) and lessons for the future – with practical follow up for your organisation or programmes.
  • Online and offline data collection (surveys, polls, interviews, focus groups) and (qualitative and quantitative) analysis of data. Specific knowledge on the use of ICT tools for data collection.
  • Preparation of clear write-ups on evaluation results and lessons in external reports or publications.
  • Training of and facilitation of workshops for staff members or partners on PMEL-approaches, data collection and planning for higher-level results.
  • Facilitation of Focus Group meetings with end users and project staff to reflect on evaluation findings.

For more information about A Single Step’s track record regarding advice on Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment, please look here.


I worked as a Monitoring and Evaluation expert in many different contexts. The best moments to me were when the data would spark a real discussion among staff members – one that lead to fundamental discussions on how they did their work.